Outer Light Brewing Company



Outer Light Brewing Company had started to bottle their beer and self distribute locally. They determined that they wanted to expand their distribution and start canning at the same time and requested new packaging.


After meeting, conducting a brand audit and reviewing the brewery it was determined that the existing logo and merch didn't fully represent  their story as an outdoor lifestyle brand. Given that they were to launch their beer throughout Connecticut, we decided that this would be the time to dive in to a full rebrand that truly told their story.


Working closely with Outer Light we came up with a look and feel that stands out among the burgeoning craft beer market in Connecticut. It's a clean, bright, modern, and flexible system that makes it easy to add to their growing line of direct to print cans as well as translating to short run labels. 


The previous Outer Light Brewing Company logo was a detailed rendering of a lighthouse off the shores of Groton CT. While it literally showed a local icon it did not represent the outdoor lifestyle brand that OLBC strove to be. Below is the reimagined logo that represents sky, sea and land. 



As difficult as it is to commit to implementing a rebrand, the decision to do so, proved to be a great success.  They landed a distribution deal, placing their product in places like Trader Joe's. Outer Light Brewing Company's sales increased dramatically.

When we decided to switch to cans, a proper rebrand was critical to our success. Hops & Branding delivered a clean, iconic brand design that truly represented who we are.

Tom Drejer,  Co-Owner/President, Outer Light Brewing Company

Featured in the beer design blog, Oh Beautiful Beer