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The Hull Brewing Co.



The Hull Brewing Co. is a Connecticut institution, one of the oldest running in the state until it shuttered its doors in 1977. Now the  brewery was being revived. How do we bring back the brand while retaining its legacy while making it current at the same time?


Hull's had a rich and well documented history from which to pull. Research into the history of the brand was done along with interviews of Connecticut beer historians and collectors. Hull's needed to be linked to it's beloved past but be bold enough for today's market.


It was determined that we could achieve a link to Hull's past glory, not by reproducing a particular can but by creating a hybrid using the strength of its historic graphic packaging.

This was then expanded into a brand architecture that provided extreme flexibility while allowing Hull's to take on a more modern sensibility when needed.

While researching we came across two flat top steel cans that provided the inspiration for today's design. The 1940 Hull's Light Beer can and the 1937 Hull's Cream Ale were combined to form a hybrid that represents the brand's past and future. The large oval and very contemporary font were used from the Light Beer can. A redrawn version of the Hull's script logo and blue and red color from the Cream Ale can were used to create the new flagship Export Lager can design.



The branding and design resonated with Connecticut beer drinkers, 

evoking a sense of pride in Connecticut's brewing history, yet allowing

The Hull Brewing Co. to move into the future with purpose.

Hull's has a storied history in Connecticut so I brought in Hops & Branding to help rebuild it. The process was collaborative in every sense of the word. 

Chuck DelVecchio, Owner, The Hull Brewing Co.

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