Firefly Hollow Brewing Company



Firefly Hollow Brewing Company was on the verge of canning but was also looking to bottle their specialty beers. The issue was that they didn't have a brand to build around and weren't sure exactly who they were.


We met, talked and reviewed the brewery. What stood out was their D.I.Y. aesthetic. The original ferementors were formally dairy tanks with large bolts holding them together. The brewmaster  also had a penchant for wearing goggles. 


Based on the D.I.Y. aspect of the brewery and the headbrewer we determined that using a steampunk aesthetic would be the way to go.

We went about creating steampunk inspired collage/illustrations that began to tell the Firefly Hollow brand story in an impactful way.



Once the brand was established, we reworked the flagship to come in line with the other cans, Firefly Hollow's distribution took a double-digit-percentage uptick. The experience and expertise that was provided, saved them from previous mistakes, and the results were seen in the profits.

The only thing we knew was what we liked - and that was all over the place. Hops & Branding saw our problem and directed us towards the solution: Building a brand and finding cohesion. 

Rich Loomis, Co-Owner of Firefly Hollow Brewing Company

Featured in the beer design blog, Oh Beautiful Beer